Sailing around the world – Blogs from the Clipper RTW Yacht Race 09-10

In 2009, I embarked on a journey of a lifetime to ful-fill a childhood ambition to circumnavigate the world. The Clipper RTW Yacht Race was founded by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the first man to sail around the world single handed. The race comprises of ten identical yachts, each sponsored by a different city or country around the world. There are 18 crew onboard, most of whom have next to no sailing background and one professional skipper. It is a race designed for ordinary people with extraordinary dreams. As part of the crew onboard Edinburgh Inspiring Capital, I was one of nine crew who had committed to the full passage round. The other nine members comprised of “leggers”, crew members who had signed up for one or more legs of the race, but not the whole thing. Although marketed as a race of equal weighting, this ideal became a heavily debated topic and bone of contention for many as we made our way around and the various disparities between yachts, skippers and crews became apparent . For me, ideals of racing were soon replaced with an acceptance for the now, and the journey I was embarking on. This was without a doubt an incredible adventure, but more poignantly one of self discovery and an education in life.

Blogs from the Sea – The End of a Chapter

And so all good journeys must come to an end.    On 17th July 2010,  35,000 miles and a wealth of experiences later, the fleet returned to Hull, from where it all started ten months previously. The route had taken us from Hull to La Rochelle and on to Rio across the mid Atlantic Ocean. [...]

Blogs from the Sea – She Flies and then She Dies!

It has been a truly inspired first 24hours for Edinburgh, with our hard work throughout the night pulling us from 9th up to a magnificent 3rd place at the first scheds this morning.  Throughout the night we could still see all the other yachts surrounding us on the horizon and it felt fantastic to gradually [...]

Blogs from the Sea – The Final Countdown

We are going home!  It has been an epic odyssey around the world and now as we set sail on the final ocean crossing home and our third across the Atlantic, it feels good to be homeward bound. Cape Breton Island gave us a fabulous farewell with brunch at the yacht club and an escorted [...]

Blogs from the Sea – And on the 20th day…

Tuesday 20th April.  Race day has arrived.  Nine days behind schedule, the fleet is finally reunited and once again ready to embark on Leg 6 of the mighty Clipper Odyssey. San Francisco was a fantastic stop over and I don’t think any of us were too bemused to have to spend an extra ten days [...]

Blogs from the Sea – Through the Date Line and Surfing the Lows

11:30am March 21st marked CV1’s passage through the date line and the latitude on the Raymarine switched from 179’56.810E to 179’57.850W.  In actual fact this was a bit of a non event for half the crew, myself included who were blissfully unaware, tucked up in our bunks.  Still the fact that we have all gained [...]

Blogs from the Sea – “Elnenio”

Upon reaching Qingdao as a RTWer, a half circumnavigation and 18000nm under my belt, I have had many a reflective and pondering night watch to question our predicament at sea, the phenomenon that is the weather and would not go amiss to say I have felt a little cheated to have not experienced anything near [...]

Blogs from the Sea – Champagne Sailing and Match Racing

  Picture a slight blue sea, clear blue skies decorated with white fluffy clouds, a steady 12 knot breeze and glorious sunshine.  Champagne sailing, though sadly no Champagne!  These pretty much describe the conditions we have enjoyed over the course of our first week in the South China Sea since leaving Singapore.  It has been [...]

Blogs from the Sea – Farewell Australie

So it is a New Year, a new decade, a new leg and a new race.  Edinburgh is Inspired and as ever are hoping that 2010 may bring a little luck and a lot of fair wind and we may climb the ranks in the race. We had a fantastic stopover in Australia and were [...]

Blogs from the Sea – Goodbye Cape Town, Hello ‘Roaring Forties!’

Cape Town was a fantastic stop over.  The opportunity for a full week off the water and on land served everyone well and the abundance of excellent food, wine and sunshine provided an opportunity for some real and very welcome R and R.  Come Sunday, I personally felt fired up and readily looking forward to [...]

Blogs from the Sea – Big Smiles and South Atlantic Swells

  The last 72 hours have felt like along weekend at Alton Towers except there have been no queues and the ride has not stopped!  At first the wind started to build to 15-20 knots as a steady north westerly settled in and we enjoyed the slightly flatter conditions onboard that kite flying permits.  As [...]