Sailing around the world – Blogs from the Clipper RTW Yacht Race 09-10

In 2009, I embarked on a journey of a lifetime to ful-fill a childhood ambition to circumnavigate the world. The Clipper RTW Yacht Race was founded by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the first man to sail around the world single handed. The race comprises of ten identical yachts, each sponsored by a different city or country around the world. There are 18 crew onboard, most of whom have next to no sailing background and one professional skipper. It is a race designed for ordinary people with extraordinary dreams. As part of the crew onboard Edinburgh Inspiring Capital, I was one of nine crew who had committed to the full passage round. The other nine members comprised of “leggers”, crew members who had signed up for one or more legs of the race, but not the whole thing. Although marketed as a race of equal weighting, this ideal became a heavily debated topic and bone of contention for many as we made our way around and the various disparities between yachts, skippers and crews became apparent . For me, ideals of racing were soon replaced with an acceptance for the now, and the journey I was embarking on. This was without a doubt an incredible adventure, but more poignantly one of self discovery and an education in life.

Blogs from the Sea – Rio to Cape Town – Sailing the South Atlantic

  One week into leg 2, realised by the fact I am once again a mother down below on galley and cleaning duties, rather than having any notion of the date or day of the week as the days and nights still seem to roll into one, and an afternoon lull between lunch and supper [...]

Blogs from the Sea – Love Hate Relationship with the Spinnaker

  Such splendour to the eye, when her belly fills the sky A vision of beauty but a temperament quite feisty. A consistent breeze and she fills with ease, The crew is all smiles as we carve up the miles and our progress makes time fly by. But when the winds drops, her good mood [...]

Blogs from the Sea – Dolphin Deliveries and the Doldrums

Life in the Doldrums is unique.  Certainly like no place I have ever experienced and it totally lives up to the tales of depression, desperation and frustration that a hundred years of maritime miscellany describe.  All that said, you can read as much as you like about this desolate seascape, but it is hard to [...]