If you are searching for an afternoon tea with a difference, look no further than The Mad Hatter’s Tea at The Sanderson Hotel in Bloomsbury. Here, your inner child will be totally satiated with the extraordinary, exquisite array of delightful sweet treats, colourful sandwiches, cakes and potions to pot.  A complementary glass of bubbles will certainly not disappoint.  If you’re searching for an extensive tea menu, however you will be disappointed.  The selection is limited and the tea is not loose.  This is definitely more of an adventure into Wonderland, than a traditionally English Afternoon Tea experience.

Guests are invited to ‘tumble down the rabbit hole’.  This is a gastronomic adventure for those with a very sweet tooth! The ‘Eat Me’ Queen of Hearts was my personal favourite. The strawberry chocolate shell coats a delicious strawberry and cream mousse inside, perfectly balanced and unquestionably fresh.  Another unusual addition to the tier, is a little bottle with a tag saying ‘Drink Me’.

Do not fear, this will neither shrink you to the size of a sewing pin, nor make you grow like a giant, but the delicious layers of passion fruit jelly, coconut panecotta and exotic foam is a potion I guarantee you’ll be wanting more of.

Blueberry lollipops that turn your tongue from hot to cold and a chocolate and coffee layered sponge cake decorated with a rabbit’s clock are among the other enticing treats on the menu.

Not to be forgotten are the delectable rainbow finger sandwiches, featuring the traditional fillings with a twist.

Ham and mustard on yellow saffron bread and smoked salmon and cream cheese on green spinach bread were two of my favourites and the only truly original feature to snap you out of the fairytale – traditional scones with clotted cream and jam. Sitting in the hotel’s courtyard garden is rather draughty in winter, despite the patio heaters, and marquee roof above. However, the delightful rock pool water feature and array of swings and large statues provides a wonderful setting to let the imagination run free.

Just a stones throw away from London’s Oxford Street, this is the perfect way to end a busy day’s shopping.

For £35 per person, The Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea at the Sanderson Hotel is a treat that won’t disappoint the young at heart!