Dining in Dingle and other Delights

“Ireland is one of the best places in the world, if only you could put a roof over it”  laughs the cabbie as he drives us from the airport to our hotel in Cork City. We’ve all been on the receiving end of a wet summer this year, but don’t let the met office put [...]

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The Madness of Marrakech

As I sit in a divinely comfortable easy chair, sipping Moroccan mint tea, listening to the chatter of bird life and absorb the late afternoon breeze and atmosphere of the majestic La Mamounia gardens, I can now quite understand why Churchill favoured this luxury hotel as a get-away retreat.  A haven of tranquility just moments [...]

A Passion for ‘Poissons’ and Other Things in Iceland

One of my favourite things about Iceland (apart from the deliciously tasty fish, which I will come to later on) is that in every sense you really are in the hands of mother nature.  Yes you can make plans for your break, as we diligently did: Monday, Northern Lights, Tuesday, Whale Watching, Wednesday, Golden Circle, [...]

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